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A year to remember

Happy New Year!

Whether or not 2015 lived up to your expectations, I hope you can say it was a year worth living and that it taught you lessons you can use in 2016.

You wouldn’t know it from the lack of reporting on my blog, but this was a good year.


In October I scaled the tallest peak in the Northeast — Mt. Washington, N.H.

Since my (mostly unrecognized) blogging Thursday has fallen on New Year’s Eve this year, I thought now would be a good time to look over the past year to recall all those achievements that I might otherwise have overlooked as undeserving of very much notice. It’s a good preface to my 2016 New Year’s Resolution: To write 52 blog posts this year (ie. One a week, on Thursday.)

Travel and Family

  • I took my niece on a road trip to northern New Jersey and NYC for her Christmabirthgration (Christmas, 18th birthday, and high school graduation)
  • Ryan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and we saw Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine for the first time.
  • My nephew turned 2, and I’ll be an aunt again this winter.


  • I won my first health writing award from the Virginia Press Association, and in July became assistant editor at my newspaper.


  • I participated in my eighth National Novel Writing Month, my second as a municipal liaison.
  • I finished my first novel, Snow on the Mountain (!), which I had been writing, revising, and rewriting since November 2009. It’s 367 pages, 86,370 words, and I hope to begin searching out publishing opportunities this spring!

I hope to see you more often in the new year, and let’s make 2016 a great one!


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