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How low on the food chain can you go?

Returning home to my blog today after two months away, I discovered my inbox was packed to overflowing. I’d forgotten to give notice to my brain to stop delivery on blogging ideas while I was checked out of my writing life.

So as not to bombard you all with two months of ideas, why not lead off with something totally unrelated to writing: Like how last Wednesday I decided to go vegan.

It was a decision that usurps my previous choice of practicing an anything-goes diet, which last year followed nearly twenty years staving off red meat after I decided to go vegetarian (which I did for five years). Or how over the last week I haven’t completed a single day as a vegan.

I could write about deciding instead to maintain that “anything-goes” mentality from time to time and only be vegan as often as is possible/convenient. But that’s not a very interesting idea for a blog, since I haven’t really figured out how to make vegan meals (actually make meals) that taste good. Sure I could buy them from the freezer section, but that gets expensive. And salty. Have you ever noticed how much salt is in frozen food? Even so-called health food? And how the ones that are low on salt are low on taste? Who wants that? I could just make my own food if I want to save on taste, and I’d save on money too.

But I convinced myself that my readers might want to see a vegan meal, just to know what one looks like, because they might never see anything like that again on this blog, depending on how this experiment goes.

Last night I had leftovers from Tuesday: quinoa. The first dinner included baked portobello mushroom with olive oil, and let me just tell you, I absolutely raced through that meal to get to the mango sorbetto I had planned for dessert.


So last night I thought I’d spice up the quinoa with a 12 vegetable antipasto I purchased from The Sauce Shoppe in Virginia Beach (the only thing in the entire store I’m guessing was not fire-breathing hot), and I served that up with baby arugula, walnuts, and Annie’s Woodstock dressing. It was better — but still not really that great, even with the Woodstock dressing. It’s not pizza, that’s for sure.


So I’m working on the taste factor, and I’m open to ideas. I have plenty of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks on a bookshelf at home, so it’s not like I’m lacking on resources. But time spent reading up on food means time not spent actually cooking, and we all know I’m not the greatest at prioritizing my time.

Who out there’s a vegan — or a parttime vegan? Anyone have tips, tricks, ideas?



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