Make ‘Someday’ Today

As the first of what I hope will be a recurring series, the following is a guest blog, by a longtime friend of mine and aspiring screenwriter Meghan Marville. She graciously has agreed to guest spot on my usual Thursday (now Friday…sorry about that) blogging night, with a preview of what aspiring writers might find if they attend the One Day Someday Writing Workshop, that will take place in Winchester, Virginia, this Saturday. Even if you know for certain you can’t make it, still read on. Reading the following could be exactly the motivation you need to get going with a stalled writing project. (And stop by again next week for a special Tuesday blog post on writing query letters.)


by Meghan Marville

As a child “someday” seemed like forever. Saying I’d do something someday somehow meant that it was going to happen one day. It was like a mysterious promise tied together with fairy tales and happily every after.

As an adult someday is a barely tolerable procrastination. It still feels fun to say someday, except (not to resort to name calling) as a “grown-up” we are much more aware of time and more specifically how quickly it passes us by. Often times the stuff of someday falls to the wayside of unfinished business and the promises we never kept with ourselves.

Someday, I would like to be a real live screenwriter. The kind that finishes her stories… The kind that gets paid for it. Like, makes a living at making things up kind of paid. I’ve decided that it doesn’t have to be a New Year to make a resolution. I resolve to write more. I resolve to finish more things. This weekend I’m attending Jason Wright’s One Day Someday writing workshop in Winchester. Motivation and support is what I need and throwing myself into a room with other like-minded somedays seems like a good place to start. Show of hands, anyone out there ever written 200 words for Nanowrimo and never even turned it in out of shear embarrassment? *raises hand slowly*

The ad says, “Why are we calling it ‘The One Day Someday Writing Workshop?’ Because you’ve been saying, ‘Someday I’ll write a book’ for a long time.” I read that and thought, “You don’t know me!” But, it’s so true. Who hasn’t had a novel idea, or screenplay or TV show idea, but never thought enough of it to write it down? The people who wrote their ideas down are being read by the guy sitting next to you on the subway on his new Kindle Fire. It isn’t your book or my book because they aren’t written yet.

This weekend I take the first step in making “someday” a today kind of reality. Come along. You know you want to.

Author Jason F. Wright is a New York Times bestselling author of “The Wednesday Letters” and “Christmas Jars” and many others. Visit for more information on the One Day Someday Writing Workshop. Meghan can be reached at



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